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On October 27th 1960, Mr. Aad Broekman enters Shipping Company Broekman Motorships N.V. in the register of companies in Rotterdam. The success story of Broekman Logistics begins on January 17th 1961. The Wasaborg sails into the Nieuwe Waterweg with 250 tons of conventional cargo and eighteen cars.


In the first decades of existence Broekman grows on all fronts. Consumers have more room for expenditure than ever before. There is an increasing global supply of goods with Rotterdam as a logistics turntable for Europe. The business matures. With more and more representations from ship owners, Broekman manages to win a definite place between the most important shipbrokers and shipping agents operating in Rotterdam.


Broekman mainly focuses on roll-on roll-off and breakbulk. Shipping containers for Evergreen brings in a large amount of work as well. In 1999 Evergreen informs Broekman that they want to go on independently. The years up to this event and the circumstance itself mark a turning point for Broekman. The company is building its expertise on shipping from Asia to Western and Central Europe. Broekman also realises that logistics processes are becoming more complex. Modern containerships are bigger and shipping companies want to focus on their own core business. At the same time shippers and receivers work with semi-finished products. It is not about sending one product to one address, but about different parts being delivered to different addresses by various suppliers.


In other words, there is a need for a specialist to take care of all logistic needs, no matter what kind or size of cargo or where in the world it needs to go. This is exactly what Broekman Logistics can do and wants to do for its clients. The aim is to achieve business growth by optimising existing warehouses and investing in automation. Another important goal is to acquire companies with a promising business case that will strengthen Broekman Logistics.


In 1995, Broekman executes its first acquisition: Rotterdam Car Terminal. In the upcoming years, many acquisitions follow: Altrex & Farha and Tjonger Group (2002), Trans Forwarding (2003), Triaf (2005), Gevelco and Courcan Cargo (2006), Store Ship and Comexair (2007), Triple Logistics (2013), TWO Chemical Logistics (2013), Marico (2014) and most recently the warehousing activities in Belgium and The Netherlands of VLS-Group (2018).

Selling departments is part of the strategy as well: Agency Evergreen (2000), Broekman Motortransport (2011), Broekman Inland Shipping (2012), Broekman Automotive (2014).


Over the years, the transformation from shipping agent to supply chain manager has become reality. Broekman Logistics is a full service logistics organisation specialising in ocean, road, rail, air and multimodal transport. The organisation offers Value Added Logistics and Value Added Services such as warehousing and door-to-door distribution on a worldwide basis. Broekman Logistics is particularly strong in processing and storing complex, heavy or dangerous products and transporting them through smart solutions.


Broekman Logistics sees a bright future ahead. Broekman Logistics strives to be a fully-fledged logistics partner with a global reach, by creating sustainable value in the supply network with a personal touch. The more complex the logistic needs, the better. In 2020, Broekman Logistics now employs around 1000 people in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, India and China.