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Specialty Chemicals Logistics

The production of specialty chemicals is performed by an interlinked and complex industry. The performance or functionality characteristics of these chemicals are regarded as far more important aspects than the composition attributes. In order to ensure good performing products, extensive knowledge and ongoing innovation is required.

Steel Logistics

The steels industry is unpredictable because of highly fluctuating customer demands. These demands are affected by the world economy.

Metal Logistics

From Rotterdam - the world's leading port for non-ferrous metals - Broekman Logistics takes care of the total logistics of all your non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and nickel.

Offshore Logistics

As a result of a globally increasing demand for energy, the offshore energy market has experienced tremendous growth over the past years.

Wind Energy Logistics

Wind turbine technology is taking over the energy sector. The process is increasingly becoming more sophisticated, which means the market is becoming more and more attractive for businesses and other investors.

E-Mobility and Batteries Logistics

E-Mobility: Broekman Logistics, your partner in developing your market The E-Mobility market is a fast developing market; the trend towards green energy and CO2 reduction has a significant impact on the growth of the demand for electrical vehicles, ranging from the smaller Light Electrical Vehicles (LEV’s), such as e-bike’s and electronic forklifts, to electrical vehicles and e-Busses.

Power & Energy Logistics

Urbanisation, industrialisation and population growth are leading to a growing worldwide demand for energy. The countries in Asia Pacific have the biggest share in power plants.

Industrial and Construction Equipment Logistics

The worldwide construction industry is a growing sector again. The fact remains that construction companies need to organise their stock acquisition efficiently and effectively.

Agricultural Machinery Logistics

The improving economy and the global population growth are leading to a rising demand for machine production.

Greenhouse, Fruit and Dairy Logistics

The Dutch are known the world over for their expertise in greenhouse construction. But how can all the parts and accessories required to build greenhouses always flawlessly come together in the right place at the right time?

Retail Logistics

Speed, quality and efficiency are your daily concerns when managing your retail supply chains. Products need to be shipped in high demand.

Crop Protection

Flavours and Fragrances

Paints and Coatings

Oil and Lubricants

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