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Importing or exporting your products often involves multiple carriers, requirements and legalities. Complicated paperwork, customs and tax issues, endless communications with foreign points of contact, negotiations for optimal shipping, transport and storage prices and conditions: it can all be a tremendous burden.

Do you want this burden relieved so you can fully focus on your and your customers' core business? Are you looking for a service provider who is much more than ‘just a freight forwarder’, one that is a true asset to your dealings in international transportation of goods? Broekman Logistics is the experienced partner that will save you and your clients untold time and potential headaches, while providing reliable transportation of your products at competitive rates. We support you in a full range of freight forwarding services on a global scale.


Broekman Logistics’ freight forwarding services include:

  • Preparation of contracts, licences and other documents for import and export

  • Global network of partners and agents

  • Customs clearance of goods and calculation taxes, duties and excises

  • Cargo insurance, from door to door

  • Guidance on packaging and labelling your products for transport

  • Value added tax advice


Do you want to save time and control your shipping costs? Let us manage your entire supply chain by selecting the most suitable international shipping lines and airlines, negotiating the best rates and preparing the numerous documents linked with shipping items overseas.

Our own multilingual team is represented at logistics hotspots around the world: the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Singapore and India. Our staff has a thorough understanding of local customs procedures in all the countries that Broekman Logistics operates. Moreover, we can serve you with our global network of partners and agents.

Take full advantage of our strategic locations with which you can reach the European hinterland. These locations include: Amsterdam Airport (one of the world’s main hubs for air transport), Rotterdam and Antwerp (Europe’s two largest ports) and Eemshaven (Netherlands’ largest port in Northern Netherlands with a strong connection to the German Ruhr area). All these locations give you access to our full range of sea freight services, such as full container loads (FCLs), less than container loads (LCLs), consolidated or project cargo, breakbulk cargo and buyer consolidation. Our Moerdijk team specialises in sea freight of RoRo and project cargo.

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