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By rail: a sustainable way of transport


Rail transport is not only particularly sustainable, but is also faster than sea- or air freight. Rail is a relatively quick, reliable and cost efficient mode of transport. The lead times were also a pleasant surprise. Your cargo reaches the German border within three hours. Many destinations in Europe can be reached by train within a day. Because of the short travel times rail transport is ideal for transporting your cargo rapidly across long distances and it offers a good solution for transporting large volumes efficiently and quickly.

Transporting cargo from China by rail: an attractive option

More and more businesses are using rail freight between Europe and China.
Innovative and reliable are the characteristics of this direct connection between China and Europe, for example, per container train, a service between sea freight and air freight.

  • Faster as sea freight
  • Transit time is about 15 – 16 days
  • Different rail routes
  • Safe way of transport: low damage rate
  • FCL and LCL
  • Pre-carriage
  • Sustainable way of transport: less CO2 emissions
  • Track and trace
  • Flexible in ‘last mile’ delivery
  • Several departures a week

Pre-transport and customs formalities from China are arranged by Broekman Logistics. The trains are equipped with GPS tracking, so we always know where your goods are. In the Netherlands we take care of the customs clearance, so that your goods can enter free trade.