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In conversation with Manager Business Development Jarno Smeets

While the logistics industry faces a range of challenges in 2023, there are also fresh opportunities and developments on the horizon. To find out more we’re talking with the front-line experts at Broekman who deal with different markets every day.

This Q&A is with Jarno Smeets who is responsible for the business development of our Machinery & Spare Parts PMC (Product Market combination). 

What areas of business does Machinery & Spare Parts support?

Our work is related to all kinds of machinery, whether that be for the construction, agricultural or industrial sectors. Within this segment we are focused on both finished products and supporting the spare parts operations of clients. 

Are there any clearly identifiable trends in your market segment?

Yes, quite a few. Firstly, there is a shift from scattered supply chains towards the consolidation of EDCs (European distribution centres ed.) in order to create further supply chain efficiencies. Another noticeable area of transition is the move away from machinery with fuel & diesel drives towards the use of Lithium batteries. This is just one way in which this segment is innovation minded – other examples include Big Data, IOT, 3D printing of parts, autonomous machinery and blockchain technologies.

Meanwhile, we see an increase in customer expectations with regards to lead-times and the highest possible service levels. There is also a considerable demand on highly technical value-added logistics and value-added services. Other trends to note are a change from insourced logistics to ‘first time’ outsourcing and a rise in the number of strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Last but not least, the current economic conditions are reducing the willingness to invest.

How do you see the upcoming year playing out?

Our aim is to grow further in the market with new long-term strategic partnerships and really become a mature player within this market segment. At Broekman we stand out for the way we are able to zoom in on the strategic objectives of our customers and our determination to go the next mile for them.

What are the current challenges?

From a warehousing perspective we still see a lack of space in the market. Square metres are becoming scarcer, which makes it all the more important to create further efficiencies within supply chains. In addition we are of course also carefully monitoring macro-economic factors and the potential for an economic recession. How everything evolves and how that might impact the business is a challenge for us all.

What are you most looking most forward to this year?

The opening of the new Kubota warehouse in Weert and the start of the Liebherr operation in Born will be new milestone moments. We are also committed to really engaging further with long-term strategic partnerships, taking care of the entire supply chain with all our services and to genuinely differentiate ourselves as a mature player within this market segment.

I’m looking forward to meeting new colleagues too. The shortages on the labour market are affecting the logistics sector and we’re continuously looking for fresh talent to join us. The PMC Machinery and Spare Parts team is an enthusiastic bunch and newcomers are sure to enjoy a warm welcome. 

Like to know more about career opportunities at Broekman? Contact our manager business development Jarno Smeets for more information.

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