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In conversation with Manager Business Development Jasper Heijnen

With the new year now well underway the logistics industry is facing a number of fresh challenges. There are also lots of new opportunities and interesting developments on the horizon in 2023, and who better to ask for more details than the people at Broekman who deal with different markets on a daily basis.

Today we share the thoughts of Jasper Heijnen, who is responsible for the business development of our specialty chemicals PMC (product market combination).

Chemical expertise

Examples of specialty chemicals are the paints, detergents and construction chemicals on which industrial sectors like automotive, cosmetics, agriculture and manufacturing rely. Broekman offers a fully integrated supply chain within the ADR (dangerous goods) and NON-ADR regulations, from our customers’ production site to our storage locations and right through to their end-customers.

Seizing opportunities

An important topic in the chemicals market is the pressure of the current geopolitical situation in general and the energy crisis in particular. Production is shifting from China towards other countries in central Asia. In addition, a growing customer demand for more sustainable production is leading to opportunities for new product developments. Meanwhile, the logistics market in general is facing challenges such as a scarcity of square metres and the tight labour market.

At Broekman we aim to maintain our position as a leading specialist for specialty (packed) chemicals for all current and potential customers. This is why we continue to invest in people, buildings and processes for our warehouses, terminals and freight forwarding services.

Changing requirements

Although legislation on storage, handling and related logistics is becoming more stringent and constantly changing, we continue to meet the requirements to provide customers with the best services in this segment. Currently, we are preparing for the transition from PGS15 to PGS37 with regard to Li-Ion batteries and all the adjustments this entails. PSG stands for Publication Series on Hazardous Substances, the legislation which combines requirements for fire, labour and environmental safety.

Stay close

Last but not least, as is the case for everyone the current economic uncertainties are a challenge for our sector too. It makes clearer than ever the importance of maintaining our strong partnerships with customers. And our PMC is also reaching out to new customers too, explaining how we can deliver customised solutions with the kind of personal touch that sets Broekman apart.

With our dedicated and talented team giving their all, we know we can help you realise further growth within the specialty chemicals market.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Then contact our professional Jasper Heijnen.

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