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In conversation with Manager Business Development Mark de Laat

Continuing our series exploring the challenges, opportunities and developments for the logistics industry in 2023, we talk to Mark de Laat. As manager business development responsible for Offshore & Industrial Equipment.

Mark is one of the front-line experts at Broekman and deals with different markets on a daily basis.

What are the main developments currently in your segment, Mark?

Broekman has achieved tremendous growth in the offshore energy sector over recent years and we see this continuing into 2023 due to increasing global energy demands. In the Industrial Equipment segment we can combine our project logistics expertise with the in-house resources of our breakbulk terminal and heavy lift centre. This allows Broekman to make life easier for customers by offering services across the entire logistics chain for industrial machinery and equipment.

Sounds like the Offshore & Industrial Equipment PMC has been busy?

Yes, 2022 was a good year with many requests and we see this trend continuing for 2023. The shortage of storage remains an issue but we also see high demands for the warehousing of metals, steel and containers in relation to our breakbulk terminals. A promising new development for 2023 is the increasing demand for handling electric cars from Asia. Broekman has gained a lot of experience in this area in the past and we’re pleased to apply this knowledge and further expand this business.

What’s going to be on the agenda in 2023 for your market?

As mentioned, the global demand for energy continues to grow and given the many projects, we see our share increasing in the market Broekman is also enhancing the sustainability of our breakbulk terminals in the Netherlands by electrifying equipment wherever possible and covering our terminal roofs with solar panels. At Broekman we are also fully committed to digitalisation in order to optimise work processes and minimise wasted time, money, capacity and energy.

Is economic uncertainty the greatest challenge?

The biggest challenge at the moment is indeed the prevailing economic uncertainty, especially in relation to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In addition, the tight labour market is also affecting the logistics sector so we are constantly looking for new talent.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

The PMC Offshore & Industrial equipment team is an enthusiastic and experienced team. I look forward to putting our collective expertise to practical use to build new relationships and further develop and optimise existing ones.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Then contact our professional Mark de Laat.

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