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'The flexibility of Broekman Logistics makes a real difference to Bolk Transport’

Business challenge: Storage space needed at the last minute

“At the last minute, we needed storage space in Rotterdam for a large number of wind turbine nacelles,” recalls Joop Savenije, managing director of exceptional transport specialist Bolk Transport. “While we were already in the process of bringing in the nacelles by truck, the project in Scotland was unexpectedly deferred by a year. We needed to find a temporary solution for 29 nacelles, each measuring 10 by 4 metres and weighing eighty tonnes; we did not have space for this intermediate storage ourselves.”

The solution: Smoothly, flexibly and accurately arrange intermediate storage

Through Broekman Logistics, Bolk Transport was able to quickly react. Savenije: “In no time at all, they had arranged temporary storage for us at one of their terminals in Rotterdam. Creating that solution together went smoothly and effortlessly. Including covering up the equipment according to our exact specifications. They simply took care of everything. Yes, we are satisfied.” Since this first project, both parties have been increasingly cooperating with one another. In those cases, Bolk Transport takes care of the heavy transport and Broekman Logistics, using its own terminals in Rotterdam and the Eemshaven port area, sees to the handling and storage.

The benefits: No discussion, things just get done

“The flexibility of Broekman Logistics makes a real difference to us,” says Savenije. “In our experience, the port of Rotterdam is generally not that flexible.” With the down-to-earthness that is so typical for the eastern Netherlands, he adds: “Broekman Logistics however comes very, very close to being an ideal partner. We are on the same wavelength. One phone call and everything is taken care of. That's really important. Especially in consideration of the fact that if we encounter a problem, the solution sometimes requires a certain degree of flexibility. This is not an issue with Broekman. They simply get things done. Our operational staff members get along very well with those of Broekman Logistics. We are very pleased with the way the partnership is functioning.”