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Client case: BASF

'Broekman Logistics offers us flexibility'

In October 2019 a hypermodern bagging line for BASF was festively opened in our warehouse in Antwerp. The co-operation between BASF and Broekman Logistics is a long existing partnership already, based upon mutual trust.

In this client case you can watch Stefan Ruwisch of BASF elaborate on the growing demand to expand the production amount of their ammonium sulfate business. Ronald Rypens of Broekman Logistics explains that together with BASF we looked into all the possibilities to invest to make sure that we could expand the production amount. The new state-of-the-art bagging line creates a significant increase in capacity from 400 to 800 bags of ammonium sulfate per hour. The process is fully automated which leads to optimisation in the working process.

The huge challenge of today is finding flexibility in the unflexible world we live in. Broekman offers us, as Stefan Ruwisch mentions, this flexibility. 

This new bagging line is a long term investment with which Broekman Logistics and BASF are ready for the future!

At our warehouse in Antwerp we offer integrated logistics solutions, ranging from forwarding (sea and air freight), storage of packaged chemical goods up to and including repacking, filling, drumming and bagging and further conditioning of these goods.