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‘Broekman Distriport’s diversity and flexibility are very important for LV Shipping & Transport’

The challenge: finding a reliable partner for handling and storage

LV Shipping & Transport carries out major projects all over the world for companies active in oil and gas, energy and offshore; in that context, it is also a strong player in steel logistics. Operationally, LV Shipping & Transport works closely together with parties that share the company’s high quality standards. In the port of Rotterdam, Broekman Distriport has consequently already been the partner of LV Shipping & Transport for handling and storage for many years.

The solution: Broekman Distriport performs all operational activities

“The terminal of Broekman Distriport offers everything a freight forwarder could ever need,” explains Cees Punselie, director of LV. “We trusted them with a first consignment of steel in 2005 and we are still satisfied customers to this day. Broekman Distriport features an all-weather terminal for specific shipments of steel and also has a large outside storage area. This allows us to store the stocks of our customers, including steel traders, both inside and in the open air.” On behalf of LV, Broekman Distriport unloads the steel and if required sorts and labels it and assists in cutting. “Next, the steel is readied for onward transport by truck, train, sea-going ship or in a container. We also use Broekman Distriport for entire projects, from steel plates and construction steel to generators and turbines.” LV Shipping & Transport attaches great value to the fact that it even has its own office and quality supervisor at the terminal. Punselie: “We are right on top of our business. That is our policy worldwide. We can very quickly respond to customer queries, which they highly appreciate.”

The advantages: direct communication and all in one hand

“Broekman Distriport’s diversity and flexibility are very important to us,” continues the director of LV Shipping & Transport. “It is an all-round terminal where everything is available, including all-weather facilities and an own railway link-up. As a project forwarder, we therefore do not have to rely on third parties. Our communication with Broekman Distriport is direct, with fixed staff members who assist us. That makes it easy for everyone to quickly spring into action.”