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Business challenge: finding a European partner

PennAkem is a high-tech specialty chemical company with a wide portfolio of high quality, value added intermediates/solvents. For their European expansion PennAkem was looking for a logistics partner. Barry Roberts, then logistics manager at PennAkem: “Our new partner had to be well positioned for storage and distribution, but also experienced and classified for our very specific needs and capable of adding value to our (mostly very hazardous) products and processes. Broekman Logistics won and our partnership has been a great match. We are impressed with their clean facilities and well-organised operations. No matter the challenge, Broekman has always responded to our needs.”

Solution: European customer services desk

At the site in Rotterdam, the dedicated staff members of Broekman Logistics have been supporting PennAkem for many years now. Broekman Logistics: “We run their customers service desk from Rotterdam. We export over twenty different PennAkem-products to dozens of PennAkem clients all over Europe. Our operation for PennAkem includes every step: from customer order, for drums or even ISO-tanks, to delivery on the doorstep of the customer. We do this with exceptional care. Clients of PennAkem are extremely high-demanding in terms of delivery reliability and customer satisfaction.”

Benefit: Always available, even when we sleep

Barry Roberts: “We appreciate the high skilled staff of Broekman Logistics. Their work leads to smooth and efficient operations in Europe. Thanks to our customer services desk at Broekman Logistics, European customers can reach us even while we are sleeping in Memphis. The ICT-linkage is a big plus and so is the tank container storage facility Broekman Logistics provides us in The Netherlands. We also benefit from our partner taking care of VAT issues and other necessary paperwork. In short: Broekman Logistics acts as a fully-fledged member of the PennAkem family. They help us manage our costs, enabling us to maintain our prices at competitive levels.”