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Business challenge: improve the distribution to global customers

The aroma chemicals of the Japanese manufacturer Toyo Gosei for the fragrances and flavourings industry are very popular across the globe. This puts high demands on the company’s logistics. “From Japan, global export is costly and lead times are long,” says Yuichi Hagiwara, General Manager of the Flavour & Fragrance Materials Division of Toyo Gosei. “Around 2005, we therefore decided to create a European Distribution Centre (EDC).”

Mr. Hagiwara emphasises the high quality of Toyo Gosei's flavours and fragrances. Service and logistics should be of a similar standard. “To our customers, timely, accurate delivery is of the utmost importance. Delays are simply unacceptable. Furthermore, our customers are very strict about packaging. A barrel with a bit of dirt on the outside or a dent may cause the shipment to be refused.”

Solution: Broekman Logistics as logistics partner

Following thorough market research, the branch of Broekman Logistics in Europoort - the heart of Rotterdam’s port area - has been serving as Toyo Gosei's European distribution centre since 2005. Mr. Hagiwara: “Broekman Logistics takes care of everything for us: the careful storage of our dangerous goods, labelling and palletising, the transport to the customer, but also customs clearance and fiscal representation. Once we have passed on the order to them no other action is required on our part.” Mr. Hagiwara explains that during the warehouse selection process, Toyo Gosei also carefully considered cleanliness and organisational structure. Quality is a top priority. “Broekman Logistics also came out on top regarding these elements. Their warehouse is very neat and tightly managed.”

Benefit: from order to delivery in one week

“Our partnership with Broekman Logistics has drastically shortened delivery times,” explains Mr. Hagiwara. “There is only a few days between the time we receive an order from a European customer and the proper and careful delivery by Broekman Logistics. Since the commissioning of our EDC in Europe, both our market share in the EU and our customer base have clearly increased.” 

From Rotterdam, Broekman Logistics also arranges Toyo Gosei’s logistics to customers in South America. “This distribution is difficult from Japan,” explains Mr. Hagiwara. “In Japan, few companies offer LCL delivery to South America. It is therefore easier to arrange this from Europe as well.”

“The scale of Broekman Logistics is perfect for us,” concludes Mr. Hagiwara. “Everything is available under one roof: the physical storage and the distribution of our dangerous goods, the handling of customs formalities and our fiscal representation. We have one single contact person whom we always directly communicate with.”

Toyo Gosei and Broekman Logistics: a perfect match

With over 50 years of experience in distillation, purification and synthesis technologies, Toyo Gosei produces chemical aromas of a high and stable quality. These very pure chemicals are used in everyday care products such as shampoo and soap and as flavouring agents in food products. Through thorough quality management, Toyo Gosei has achieved KOSHER, HACCP and ISO certification.