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This year’s edition of  the leading European conference LogiChem 2023 will take place from 14 to 16 March. The main focus will be on the supply chain and gaining practical insights into the chemical supply sector.

Broekman Logistics is present at Logichem from 14 to 16 March.


LogiChem 2023 offers an excellent opportunity to explore key challenges by interacting during roundtables and workshops and benefitting from each other’s ideas. The conference will be held in a 5-star venue in Rotterdam, be accompanied by high-quality food and feature many ways to network and learn from each other.



At Broekman we aim to maintain our position as a leader in specialty (packed) chemicals for all current and potential customers. This is why we continue to invest in people, buildings and processes for our warehouses, terminals and freight forwarding services.

Broekman offers a fully integrated supply chain within the ADR (dangerous goods) and NON-ADR regulations, from the customer production side to our storage locations and right through to their end-customers. Specialty chemicals are the paints, detergents and construction chemicals on which industrial sectors like automotive, cosmetics, agriculture and manufacturing rely.

Our Product Market Combination is reaching out to new customers, explaining how we can deliver customised solutions with the kind of personal touch that sets Broekman apart. With our dedicated and talented team, we are able to help you realise further growth within the agricultural sector.

Specialists Ron Kuijpers, Tomas van der Maarel and Jasper Heijnen will be representing Broekman Logistics at LogiChem 2023, ready to provide you with more information about our services.

Read the original (English) article of Port of Rotterdam here.

How large is the chemical sector in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is part of one of the strongest chemical clusters in the world, mainly in the Rhine-Ruhr area of Antwerp-Rotterdam. Much of this industry relies on the production, transport and storage of flammable and other explosive substances being safe. The chemical sector is currently in the midst of fundamental changes as bio-based raw materials are brought into the value chain and new technologies and end markets merge.

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