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Solving the warehousing puzzle as interesting times await ahead

The prevailing economic uncertainty, combined with the increased stocks, is creating scarcity in the storage market.  Our Manager Business Development, Tomas had the honor to speak to Project Cargo Journal about the economic uncertainties along with increased inventories, which are causing scarcity in the storage market.

Increased stocks

Stocks were increasing as companies piled up inventories to meet the developing trend of online orders. Now, however, there is a noticeable scarcity of space as inventories remain high but cargo throughput is declining. With stocks high and storage space tight, the question becomes how to accommodate new requests for storage space for the PMC General Cargo within Broekman Logistics.

Opening Weert

"The opening of our new warehouse in Weert, almost up in sight. In the south of the Netherlands, we have storage facilities in RTM area, Born and Venlo," says Tomas. The facility in Weert has an area of 60,000 m2 and serves as a hub for Broekman Logistics customer Kubota's European operations. Within this facility, Broekman Logistics will provide warehousing, assembly services and also outbound logistics for Kubota Construction Machinery.

The path that leads to growth

"We are working with our current customer portfolio to see what their long-term strategies are, their forecasts and how they expect to grow. We also talk to new prospects and compare their requests with availability at our locations, and this may lead to us needing more space.“

Tomas sees the joy in this change because the work is full of challenges. “This is where we can now be of value, as we have to look at each piece of the puzzle that are the logistics supply chains of our clients and see how we can be of service. It is making things a bit more difficult, but eventually, that is where we are specialized in.”

Do you want to know about the possibilities? Contact our professional Tomas van der Maarel!

Read the complete (English) interview here: Project Cargo Journal.

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