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Broekman Logistics continues its expansion with new warehouse location in Tilburg

Tilburg, 6 June 2018 – In addition to the recent expansion on the Maasvlakte – Rotterdam and in Venlo, Broekman Logistics has now opened a new warehouse location in Tilburg. The total warehouse capacity of 26.000 m2 is suitable for storing general merchandise.

The location in Tilburg is ideally located near the barge terminal. The expansion of warehouse capacity in the Netherlands is part of the growth strategy of Broekman Logistics. The total warehousing capacity of Broekman Logistics in the Netherlands amounts to more than 310.000 m2. A third of this capacity is equipped for the storage of hazardous goods.
In the realisation of the lease contract it was JLL who mediated.


Blue stands for Broekman Logistics Unlocking Europe, and 4C is short for Coordinates, Combination, Customised & Compliant. The concept deliberately links the ‘4’ and the ‘C’, to symbolise a combination of factors.

With the new concept, Broekman Logistics addresses four recent trends: shifting modalities, rising product-market combinations that require different warehouses, changing safety standards, and the globalisation of production and logistics.

“BLUE4C perfectly complements our growth strategy in the Netherlands. We aim to be and remain the market leader in the field of ADR storage. We also offer warehousing capacity at strategic locations in order to continue to meet our customers’ needs”, according to Willem Jan van Amersfoort, Managing Director of Warehousing & Distribution.

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