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Broekman Breakbulk Terminals part of 'Breakbulkcarousel'

Rotterdam, just the container Gateway to Europe? If it is up to four companies, including Broekman Logistics, that is not so self-evident. Recently, signatures have been placed under a letter of intent for an ingenious transfer plan in the Waalhaven. The plan in this declaration is to change 12 hectares of industrial estate and 1,155 meters of quay for users in the next three and a half years. In addition, the sites and port infrastructure will be renovated by the Port of Rotterdam Authority (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam). All this to provide an extra growth impulse for the breakbulk sector in Rotterdam . A favourable development for our Breakbulk Division, which has experienced considerable growth during the past period.

The redevelopment can start because empty depot MRS has moved from the Waalhaven to the shortsea cluster in the Eemshaven. This, together with seven transfer operations, means that four reputable breakbulk companies are given room to modernize and continue to develop. The four companies that are concerned are Metal Transport, Broekman Project Services, J.C. Meijers and RHB / Rotterdams Havenbedrijf. Various issuance agreements and letters of intent have been signed by these parties.

"With this, together with companies involved, carefully and long-term prepared operation, we show that we are providing the breakbulk sector in Rotterdam with more room to further develop," says Emile Hoogsteden, director of Containers, Breakbulk and Logistics at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. "This mainly involves heavy lift, project cargo, steel and non-ferrous metals. Rotterdam is already well positioned because of its unique location, the connection with container logistics and the increasing number of liner services for general cargo and heavy cargo. The investment that these companies and the Port Authority are now going to do will provide an extra incentive to make Rotterdam the breakbulk hub in Europe. "

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