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Broekman Business Bites 2018

On Monday, 18th of June the very first edition of Broekman Business Bites took place!

A group of 38 customers was attending the event, which started at Broekman Distriport. The aim of this day: to put our Top Customers in the spotlight and to draw attention to the cooperation with various divisions. Our guests were participating in the following activities:


Program indication BUSINESS + BITES

17:00 - 17:15: Arrival at Broekman Distriport

17:15 - 17:45 Tour at Broekman Distriport terminal by bus

17:45 - 18:00: Bus from Broekman Distriport to Geulhaven

18:15 - 20:00: By boat the Nieuwe Maze from Geulhaven to Futureland - Dinner on board

20:00 - 20:15: By Bus from Futureland to Broekman Logistics Europoort (Maasvlakte)

20:15 - 20:45: Tour at Broekman Logistics Maasvlakte

21:00 - 21:30 Bus back to Broekman Distriport


It was a very successful first edition of Broekman Business Bites and we look forward to following editions.

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