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Broekman Logistics Europoort and Venlo achieve outstanding scores on March 2021 SQAS Assessment as their next step to be the best in class by 2025

Venlo, May 10th, 2021

Following in the footsteps of the 82% score from their colleagues in Antwerp, both Broekman Logistics Europoort and Venlo achieve a 20% improvement on their previous SQAS Assessment scores, resulting in an astounding 85% (BLE) and 88% (BLV) for the organisations.

Through bundled strength coming from both local and overhead departments within the Broekman Logistics warehousing organisations, in spite of the platitude of restrictions and added difficulties posed by COVID-19, the most recent results can only be described as a success and validation of the joint effort put into the improvement of the respective organisations throughout the past year(s).

While both entities had a solid foundation to start from, but there were some missing key pieces which have now been set in place to complete the puzzle.  Through improvement projects, streamlining workshops and investments from higher management into different aspects, we were able to achieve the levels of compliance, safety, security, health, quality and environmental care we strive for as a group.

While we are pleased with the current results, the goals will always be to go higher and reach further, and for that reason we have already started on planning towards the future, both in terms of the target score on the next assessment in 3 years, developments in the market segments we operate in, evolving customer requests and demands and upcoming trends in legislation and compliancy.

All of these aspects will aid us in our aspiration to be the best in class in terms of safety – quality – healthcare – environmental care – security by 2025.

This score is seamlessly in line with the efforts in Europoort and Venlo, complex safety and sustainability challenges are being assessed across the entire organisation of Broekman Logistics. The SQAS score fits well with the Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, that was introduced by the company in 2019. The CSR report assesses all of the companies’ activities over the previous year in the Netherlands, Belgium and as per 2020 also all other international offices, on the basis of the internationally renowned Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard reference indicators.

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