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Broekman Logistics IFF Germany one Year

Venlo,  February 1st 2021

Today marks the one year anniversary of our International Freight Forwarding office in Venlo. The office is directly located at the throughway A74, just minutes away from the German border. 

Broekman Logistics opened a state-of-the-art warehouse in Venlo about two years ago, where we facilitate storage, value added services and logistics for hazardous- and non-hazardous goods. One year later, Broekman Logistics IFF Germany was founded, increasing value for its local clientele in the South of the Netherlands and Germany. "I am delighted that over the past year we have been serving our clients located in the Southern part of the Netherlands as well as the German market more efficiently and in an improved manner, than we were able to do before. Our forwarding presence at our Venlo facility makes it easier to provide truly integrated supply chain solutions to our clients," explains Dennis van de Moosdijk, Supervisor Ocean at Broekman Logistics.

“The huge advantages of having our freight forwarding activities in Venlo is, besides the good cooperation between our warehousing colleagues, that all our employees have experience with the German market and so they are speaking the German language fluently. This makes it possible to let our customers feel comfortable with our assistance to their logistics challenges.  With our location in Venlo we have very good access to all Northern Ports being Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven and Hamburg. In that way we can check and combine all possible solutions and offer our clients the most suitable and sustainable solution fitting to their needs.”

Broekman Logistics is known for its Global Reach with a Personal Touch, and expanding with IFF towards Venlo underlines this strategy and further strengthens their local presence in the area that is inevitably intertwined with Germany, in particular the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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