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Broekman Logistics in Top-15 of the Logistics Top-100

The Top-100 Logistics Service Providers 2020 in the Netherlands was recently announced. Broekman Logistics made a good step forward in this annual ranking moment, by finishin within the Top-15 Logistics Service Provider in the Netherlands.

The increase can be partially linked to three main focus areas that were a subject to 2019. First, the company made big efforts in innovation with existing clients improving and implementing existing supply chains in better and smarter ways. Second, a big step was taken with the improvement of the digitization in supply chain solutions and its breakbulk terminals. Third, the one standing out the most, is the launch of Broekman Logistics’ first Corporate Social Responsibility report. The report creates transparency on their efforts in sustainability, and improvements in the way of working responsibly and conciously. Following the tripple-p approach, Broekman Logistics is looking to take the next step in this process with their upcoming CSR report for 2019, which will be published shortly. The increase with five places into the top-15 is a compliment for Broekman Logistics as a whole, and a great recognition for its workforce, which plays a key-role in this great achievement. 

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