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Broekman Logistics India is now a GDP Certified Company!

India, May 6th, 2021

We are proud to inform that Broekman Logistics India is now a GDP Certified Company!

Achieving the GDP Certificate means that we can now ship certain pharmaceutical goods that we were not permitted to do before, allowing us to further extend our capabilities and possibilities for our customers.

GDP stands for 'Good Distribution Practice'. This is a certificate for maintaining the quality level of the distribution network for the pharmaceutical industry. With the GDP certificate, the quality can be guaranteed. The GDP certificate is issued by the government and is available to companies that hold pharmaceutical products for more than 72 hours in storage or companies that undertake transport and distribution activities around pharmaceutical products.

After the ISO Certification, this is another step for our Indian Department towards having the needed Professional certification in our Industry. This is a big achievement for our company and all employees involved.

Next on the way is the AEO Certification, which provides benefits in international trade.

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