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Broekman Logistics invests in the future: Foundation of ‘Warehouse Zwitserland’

Today the beginning of the structural foundation for the expansion of one of Broekman Logistics’ terminal (Broekman Distriport) has started.

Mid-August contracter Geerits started with the construction of a new warehouse: “Warehouse Zwitserland’. The Warehouse will be built behind our ‘All weather terminal’ and enlarges the warehousing capacity of Broekman Distriport with approximately 15.000 square meters. The Warehouse will be mainly used for LME certified goods, but will also facilitate the storage and transit of several industrial cargo flows.

“ Broekman Distriport is creating an optimal ratio between inside, outside activities regarding the quay lengths, which allows us to optimize our service for our customers who are active in the steel-, metal-, shortsea- and Roro markets” according to Rob van Dijk (General Manager Broekman Distriport)


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