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Broekman Logistics Leadership Change

Rotterdam, May 1st 2020 -  Today Broekman Logistics announces an official leadership change in its senior management. Former Managing Director Forwarding & Shipping, Albert Hoek steps down handing over the helm to Rik Pek.

On April 30th 2020 Albert Hoek formally handed over the helm for the International Freight Forwarding activities to fellow senior management member, Rik Pek, Managing Director International Freight Forwarding and Breakbulk Terminals. Hoek’s stepping down does not mean the end of the fruitful cooperation with Broekman Logistics. Albert will continue to be involved with the company in the role of Exclusive Senior Consultant, starting today. “I would like to thank Albert for all his efforts in building this strong foundation with such dedication for the past four decades”, says Rik Pek.

Pek has been with Broekman Logistics for 15 years now, of which the past five years in the role of Managing Director Breakbulk Terminals. Starting today he will continue combing the role of M.D. for both entities. Completely in line with Broekman Logistics’ renewed commercial process, combining both the Freight Forwarding and Breakbulk activities, which was established at the beginning of 2020.

We would like to wish both Albert and Rik the best of luck in their respectively new positions, and thank them for their efforts made. Looking forward to continuing cooperating successfully with both Albert and Rik in the renewed setting." On behalf of the Broekman Logistics Sr. Management, Raymond Riemen, CEO.

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