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Broekman Logistics Market Update

Broekman continuous to strengthen its market leadership position in the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous goods.

It started, in March of 2018 Broekman opened a brand new warehouse on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. Both hazardous and non-hazardous goods can be stored, assembled and distributed from the 34.500 m2 sized warehouse.

Only days after the opening at the Maasvlakte, the company announced the start of construction of another brand new state-of-the-art warehouse, in Venlo. The warehouse, designed in cooperation with Heylen Warehouses, is fully equipped with the latest technology and durable materials to guarantee optimal safety and performance. A true masterpiece, which amounts 52.000 m2, that officialy opened in May 2019.

Then, in late November, the previous two headlines got topped by a true milestone; The biggest acquisition in the company’s history was announced. . In April 2019, the successful integration of the VLS-Group was completed and all activities operate under the Broekman Logistics’ flag.

The building of two new warehouses and the acquisition of the VLS-Group fit perfectly with Broekman Logistics’ growth strategy.

Willem Jan van Amersfoort, Managing Director of Broekman Logistics’ Warehousing & Distribution division explains; “There is a strong strategic fit between the two companies, as the client-base, locations of the specialized warehousing facilities and the type of VAL-activities complement each other. This acquisition brings additional value-added logistics activities to our company, such as filling, drumming and bagging, of which our clients and partners will surely benefit. Anton van Dongen adds: “On the other hand, our customers will be offered the benefits of Broekman Logistics’ global network and thought leadership for chemical supply chain solutions. As a joint team, we are certain that this is a merger of benefits where the two companies will continuously strengthen each other, both now and in the future”.

As of today the intergration of the VLS-Group and its activities is finalized. Broekman Logistics now offers its customers filling, drumming and bagging in Rotterdam and Antwerp. The latter combined with our already-existing mixing, packaging, labelling and assembly services, in Venlo Rotterdam and Born, the company can provide a one-stop-shop. Especially when considering the inhouse fiscal representation services provided by Broekman’s subsidiary: Proceed Logistics.

Storage and transportation from ideally situated locations in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp and Venlo region. All locations are close or directly connected to water, rail and road and our Venlo warehouse is only minutes away from the German hinterland, from there, distributing your goods all over Central and Eastern Europe.

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