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Broekman Logistics opens state-of-the-art bagging line for BASF in Antwerp

Antwerp, October 10th 2019 - Broekman Logistics festively opened the hypermodern bagging line for BASF today. In the presence of invited guests the bagging line was taken into operation. A milestone for Broekman Logistics in Antwerp, since this is the first big investment after the acquisition of VLS-Group, at the end of last year.

The new bagging line comprises of machines of prime brands with high quality materials. For BASF quality and capacity increase are a key focus point for the modernisation of the bagging line. The bagging line creates a significant increase in capacity from 400 to 800 bags of ammonium sulfate per hour. By use of a robotic palletiser, cardboard is placed on every pallet. A fully automated process which leads to optimisation in the working process.

Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a dust extraction system by suction, in a closed circuit,  significantly improving the quality of air and the safety for the workforce.

“We are delighted to officially open the bagging line today. Together with BASF we examined how the quality and capacity could be improved. This hypermodern bagging line prepares us and our customer for the future,” says Anton van Dongen, Director Operations.  

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