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Driven by its investments in operational excellence, Broekman Logistics reports a strong top-line growth together with a significant increase of its bottom-line results

Broekman Logistics, the global supply chain solution provider, headquartered in Rotterdam with branches in India, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Singapore and China, reports a record year with a strong top-line growth from 188 to 200 million euro for 2018. Furthermore, the company managed to improve its bottom-line results as a result of the investments it made in recent years.

According to Raymond Riemen, CEO of Broekman Logistics, the year 2018 was the turning point where the company started to benefit from the investment strategy it pursued in recent years. The planned approach to growth, the selective investments in assets and company-wide investments in operational excellence and Human Resource Development led to a 6% increase in turnover, following the 22% growth of last year and a strong growth of the EBITDA.

“This significant increase in net profit is greatly based on organic growth in all three business divisions, fuelled by the investments made last year, though partly influenced by earnings related to construction of our Venlo warehouse – an important element in our growth strategy focused on investments in people, systems and real estate, in order to create sustainable value.” says Diederik Günther, CFO of Broekman Logistics. “Moreover, in 2018 we made significant steps in our sustainability efforts, which we will report in our CSR report next month.”

Breakbulk Terminals continues its solid growth

The Breakbulk Terminals reported a 5% top-line increase and a strong bottom-line growth following the investments in its fixed assets. The expansions in the warehouses and improvements to its operational efficiency, a solid utilisation rate of the All-Weather Terminal combined with an increased focus in offering a total supply chain solution for complicated project cargo logistics, resulted in healthy and stable earnings for the Group.

Agency and international growth spurs Forwarding & Shipping activities

With a steady growth of its turnover across the globe and a substantial 30% improvement of its EBITDA, the Forwarding & Shipping division outperforms the market. The growth of the Indian and Polish branches underlines the International ambitions of the freight forwarding business. Broekman’s Shipping agency activities contributed significantly to the company’s overall result.

Warehousing and Distribution: 2018 marks year of Benelux’ market leadership for specialty chemicals logistics

The Warehousing and Distribution division continues to flourish; after the solid 16% growth of 2017, the division now reports a strong 18% organic growth and a double-digit EBITDA result. Combined with the acquisition of the VLS-Group’s warehousing assets in the Benelux – of which the last 2 months are included in the financial figures - the company rightfully claims itself to be the market leader in complex logistic solutions for specialty chemicals in the Benelux.

Investments pay off

Raymond Riemen concludes: “The continuous development of our loyal and dedicated employees drove our decision to continue our investments in turbulent times.” As a result of the investment and development strategy the company is ready to embrace the opportunities that lay ahead. Hence the proud statement of Raymond Riemen: “The year 2018 proves the value of our entrepreneurial spirit: focused investment to improve our presence and competencies at strategic locations in the supply chain, combined with our personal touch, brings value to our clients, our employees and our company.”

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