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Broekman Logistics starts vlogging

Broekman Logistics starts vlogging, a nice oppurtunity to show the outside world what a ‘personal touch’ means. To show more of our brand, ways of work and to show our team, we introduce ‘Broekman Logistics vlog’. Vlogging is like a logbook or blog, but in a movie format. The word vlogging comes from the words ‘video’ and ‘blogging’. The video’s gives the viewer the chance to watch what happens behind the scenes of Broekman Logistics.

HR & Marketing go together

As announced in our Social annual report: HR & Marketing are going to work hard to make ‘Global reach with a personal touch’ more visible. Vlogging gives us the opportunity to give the company a face, what for example can be used for our Labor market communication. It also helps with the online visibility and search ability of our market. Vlogging is hugely popular: The arrival of vlogging in the Netherlands grows with more familiar faces and celebrities.

Excited about vlogging? Please watch Youtube for our vlogs and other movies.

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