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Broekman Logistics strengthens position for European distribution in Limburg

Broekman Logistics strengthens position for European distribution in Limburg

Born, 23rd of November 2018 – As part of its BLUE4C strategy, Broekman Logistics once again strengthens its local presence in Limburg. In addition to the recent expansion in Tilburg, Broekman Logistics has also taken additional warehousing capacity into use in Born (Limburg). The surface of the added warehouse is 17.500 m2 and suitable for the storage and technical processing of both construction and agricultural machinery as well as associated spare parts. The total warehousing capacity in Born now amounts to over 77.500 m2 divided over 4 warehouses.

“With the newly acquired accommodation we can optimally serve our newest customer MacDon from Canada as well as our existing customers, including Kubota, and continue to deliver the service our customers expect from us”, says Dieter van Gortel (General manager of Broekman Logistics in Born).

The warehouses in Born are ideally situated next to the barge terminal. In addition, the favourable location close to the Belgian and German border offers full access to the European market and vice versa.

The overall indoor warehousing capacity of Broekman Logistics amounts to more than 310.000 m2, excluding the yet to be opened branch in Venlo of 64,500 m2, which will be taken into use at the start of 2019. As a recognised market leader in the Netherlands in the field of storage of packed specialty chemicals, over a third of this capacity is equipped for the storage of hazardous goods (ADR). A significant amount of the other locations are fully focused on assembly and other value added (VAL) activities.

“This expansion in Born perfectly complements our BLUE4C growth strategy” according to Willem Jan van Amersfoort (Managing Director of Warehousing & Distribution).

BLUE4C stands for Broekman Logistics Unlocking Europe and 4C is short for Coordinates, Combination, Customised & Compliant. The concept deliberately links the ‘4’ and the ‘C’, to symbolise a combination of factors.

With the concept, Broekman Logistics addresses four recent trends: shifting modalities, rising product-market combinations that require different warehouses, changing safety standards, and the globalisation of production and logistics.

“Due to the central location and excellent multimodal connections, Born offers the perfect coordinates to facilitate the European Distribution for our clients”, Willem Jan concludes.

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