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Lately, the Pharmaceutical market has shown a significant increase in demand for storage of products which are not only classified as GDP (medicines and active substances), but also as dangerous (ADR) goods. Current supply in the market provides ample facilities for GDP warehousing, but a combined expertise of large-scale hazardous goods and GDP certificated storage is less commonly available. When Alloga, a leader in Healthcare Logistics, was looking for such a solution, Broekman Logistics was there to assist and to realize a suitable solution, within a year.

Combined GDP-ADR storage at a strategic location

Exactly one year ago Alloga, part of Alliance Healthcare Netherlands, approached Broekman Logistics to find a suitable solution for their combined GDP-ADR storage need. Alloga values safety and quality and immediately realized the potential of the Broekman Logistics’ strategically located state-of-the-art warehouse in Venlo. However, the facility was specifically focused on hazardous products and dangerous substances. In good collaboration with the local authorities and Alloga, the whole setup of the Venlo facilities were authorized for medicines in the supply chain, in accordance with European Union (EU) legislation.

Right now, Broekman Logistics in Venlo is organizing the pharmaceutical distribution and storage for the ADR-classified product ranges of Alloga.

Meeting Good Distribution Practices in Logistics and Warehousing

The implementation project for collaboration with Alloga started at the beginning of 2020. In order to comply with the law and regulations Broekman Logistics had to have a wholesale license for the storage of medicines and active substances (API’s). To obtain such a wholesale license, Broekman Logistics had to meet the requirements for Good Distribution Practices (GDP), which includes having suitable storage facilities (15-25 C°), an adequate quality system, procedures and specially trained personnel.

“Broekman Logistics in Venlo received this GDP permit in December 2020 from the CIBG Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport”, recalls Willem Jan van Amersfoort, Managing Director of the Warehousing Division. “During this start-up project, we made use of the knowledge and experience of Alloga, an external RP (responsible person), as well as the full commitment of both our SHEQ department and our experienced Operational and Customer Service employees”.

Providing end-to-end pharmaceutical supply chain solutions

In parallel, also the Broekman Logistics’ airfreight forwarding professionals at Amsterdam and the ocean freight forwarding experts in the Broekman Logsitics’ branch offices in India have obtained a similar GDP certification and the warehouses in Antwerp, gained both a GDP and GMP certification for its value-added logistic services, so that the company is able to unburden the clients’ complete supply chain.

As per today, the Venlo shared-user warehouse is able to serve other parties with their pharmaceutical needs.

The future intensive cooperation between Broekman Logistics in Venlo and Alloga has been realized and the first medicines have now arrived and processed in December 2020 for one of Alloga's 3 leading customers.

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