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Broekman Project Logistics: Soluforce

Broekman Project Services recently handeled two projects for Soluforce/Pipelife, at our own Breakbulk terminal in the Port of Rotterdam. The job was divided into two projects to Sohar and Oman.

The first project was subject to a total of 41,6 km 'pipe', on reels of 400m per reel with a total of 104 reels plus the necessary couplings to connect the tubes after arrival at their destination.

The second order, for Oman has a length of 150km and a total of 375 reels. 

About SoluForce® , a Dutch based company that is the originator and leader in the research, development, manufacture and installation of Flexible Composite Pipes, or socalled 'Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes'. www.soluforce.com

Broekman Project Services, Broekman Logistics specialises in providing customised logistics solutions for producers and distributors of breakbulk freight. Again, Broekman Logistics has proven to be a reliable, experienced and punctual logistics provider, handling this project from A to Z. 


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