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Motrac shares customer case about Broekman Logistics in Venlo

At Broekman Logistics in Venlo, dozens of Linde trucks drive on the basis of a full service lease contract. Motrac offers a wide range of these warehouse trucks which are equipped with extensive safety features.

Broekman has been working with Motrac Linde for many years. Recently they have asked us to participate in a customer case which they will mention on their website. To this end, photos were taken in the warehouse in Venlo by a professional photographer and an interview was held with Operations Manager Noud Prince. Noud tells Motrac Linde why Linde was chosen and shares his experiences.

The end result can be found on the Motrac website. Something that both Motrac and Broekman Logistics can be proud of.

Colleagues in Venlo, thank you for your cooperation!

The customer case can be read here: https://www.motrac.nl/cases/broekman-logistics-geven-topprioriteit-aan-magazijnveiligheid  Please note this article is only available in Dutch.


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