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New General Manager Heavy Lift Centre Broekman Project Services

According to Rik Pek, Managing Director Breakbulk Terminals, the expertise of Frenk will help with the realization of the objective of Broekman Project Services: “We are very pleased with Frenk as the new General Manager for our terminal Broekman Project Services. We are excited to see his broad network and experience in the breakbulk sector in action. His logistics service business experience will help us to fulfill our ambition in breakbulk and project cargo services.“


Broekman Breakbulk Terminals

Broekman Project Services is one of the terminals of Broekman Logistics in the Netherlands and has its main focus on specialized Heavy Lift projects. It can also facilitate the handling, assembly, storage, and other value adding activities for all types of complex and overweight cargo.

The storage capacities at our location at Rotterdam, Heijplaat consist of 20.000 m2 indoor storage (with an indoor lifting capacity up to 700 tons) and 40.000 m2 outside storage

To provide our partners and customer with the most optimized supply chain and unburden them from the logistics process, we can also take care of the transport to and from our terminal, in addition to several services such as stuffing, stripping and packaging solutions for every type of project cargo.

Do you want to know more about the solutions we have to offer at Broekman Project Services, get in touch with Frenk Snoeck himself or contact our Manager Customer Service Pieter van der Schalk.

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