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Project Logistics: Control Tower in action!

Broekman Project Logistics recently executed a project from St. Nazaire to Rotterdam to ship 8 engines of 325 ton. The customer requested the shipment of 8 engines to a Northern European port, with the critical condition of inside storage. Due to the unique facilities of Broekman in Port of Rotterdam and our experience in chartering of heavy lift vessels Broekman was chosen to execute this project. The Control Tower of Broekman Project Logistics successfully coordinated this project and communicates with all the internal Broekman departments involved: Broekman Chartering, Broekman Breakbulk Terminals and Broekman Shipping.

The Control Tower is an value adding service for your supply chain, as one of our experts safe keeps the smooth flow of your cargo and guarantees the process of your logistics. It is an essential part of our division: Broekman Project Logistics.

As we offer a one-stop solution for all projects relating to the energy sector, offshore industry, wind farm development, machinery, steel and metal. From the heaviest pieces to the smallest accompanying bolt, we will arrange everything for you: disassembly of the project cargo at the construction site, transport to the port, intermediate storage, loading aboard the sea-going ship and unloading again at the port of arrival (using mobile heavy cargo cranes whenever necessary), onward transport and delivery to the final destination. Throughout the logistics chain, we continuously consider the smartest routes and the most economical cargo configurations and of course we also take care of all the paperwork, from transport permits to customs formalities.

Curious about the possibilities with Broekman Project Logistics? Or do you want to know more about the Control Tower principle? Watch the videos below to get some more information.


Throughout the years we learnt that each unique transport requires a special, personal approach,something which is embedded in the core values of Broekman Logistics. Our global network and all kind of value adding services allows us to take care of the entire supply chain, so that our customers can focus on their core business as well. Together with experience and professional analyses of current trends we can guide you through the most efficient and smartest routes. Don’t worry about paperwork – we can also take care of it! It's part of the total package Broekman Project Logistics has to offer.

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