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Pulling the right strings

Broekman Logistics hosts a strategic thought leadership event, on the 30th of October 2019.

The United Kingdom is expected to leave the European Union, yet Pulling the right strings is for all who dare to cast their eyes beyond October 31st. During the event the central question that will be adressed is: Who is actually pulling the strings and how can we prevent you from getting the short end of the stick? Broekman arranged for three inspiring keynote speakers that would like to challenge you to look further than the limits of the logistics sector.

  • Brenda Stoter | Reporter Middle East
  • Han de Jong | Chief Economist ABN AMRO
  • Matt van der Poel | Chief Experience Officer

These keynote speakers will broaden our minds, looking at a world in which multiple actors, inside as well as outside our industry, intertwine with each other like multifactorial entities. Subsequently there will be a buffet, during which we would like to discuss and evaluate together; who is actually pulling the right strings? 

Are you interested in joining the event? Send an e-mail to marketing@broekmanlogistics.com to receive further details.

Please note that there is limited seats available, therefore registration is on a first come first serve basis.

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