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WindEurope bigger than ever!

The WindEurope Convention brought together industry leaders, experts and enthusiasts from around the world to explore and discuss the latest trends, technologies and developments in wind energy. The convention provided a platform for networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration between professionals in the renewable energy sector.

The event featured a series of engaging presentations, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions that covered a wide range of topics on wind energy. One of the key highlights of the convention was the showcasing of cutting-edge wind energy technologies and solutions by leading companies and organizations. The exhibition area provided a unique opportunity for participants to explore and interact with the latest wind turbines, control systems, monitoring devices, and other related equipment.


On behalf of Broekman Logistics, Fabienne Struijs attended this WindEnergy Europe fair, with her own Broekman promotional desk at the Port of Rotterdam pavilion. "During this fair, I gained a lot of knowledge about this rapidly growing and innovative sector. It is a fair where all expertise within the industry is present, in terms of production, installation, maintenance, and of course, logistics. From Broekman's perspective, I see great opportunities to contribute to the logistics supply chain."

Her colleague Glen Kalfsvel was also present on behalf of Broekman Logistics. "I have years of experience in the oil & gas industry. At Broekman Logistics, I gratefully make use of my network of companies that have also undergone the transition from oil & gas to offshore wind. Furthermore, it was great to be part of the Port of Rotterdam pavilion. As the offshore hub of Europe, we, as a Rotterdam-based company, benefit from this strong proposition. Additionally, it simply attracts a lot of visitors."

Global reach with a personal touch

To respond to the needs and requirements of the Wind Energy market, Broekman Logistics has its own facilities and services that fit with this. Located in the north of the Netherlands, with direct connection to the North Sea and the river Eems, Broekman Eemshaven Services provides you with a strategic location for optimizing your logistics chain. Especially when it comes to the Offshore and Onshore wind market.

For more information, please contact one of our professionals.

WindEurope 2024 returns to Bilbao on 20 - 22 March. We look forward to seeing you there!

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