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Worldportdays 2019

Mariteam - Broekman Logistics

This years’ World Port Days (WereldHavenDagen) will take place on the 6th , 7th and 8th of September 2019, with ‘Mariteam' being the central theme.

During this event, Broekman Logistics gives you the chance to take a look inside one of our breakbulk terminals: Broekman Project Services. During this excursion, you will experience our Offshore and Heavy Lift terminal located at the Heijplaat in Rotterdam. Included in the tour is transportation by boat, with 'De Roeiers Rotterdam' and a tour of our Terminal. 

During the World Port Days, the city of Rotterdam is all about the Port. For many years, Broekman Logistics has been a participant of this fantastic event. It is definitely worth the effort to visit Rotterdam next weekend and to participate in one of our excursions.

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