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5 reasons to relocate the final assembly of your large and heavy industrial machinery or equipment to the Port of Rotterdam

Does your current location not comply with your needs any more? Are you in need for bigger, better facilities or equipment to handle your large and heavy industrial machinery or equipment? At Broekman Logistics we see a trend of the items becoming bigger for this type of machinery and equipment.

All over the world, industry is constantly pushing boundaries and industrial construction projects have been getting larger over the past decades. With this increase comes the demand for even larger industrial machinery & equipment for these industrial construction projects. One can think of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, scrubbers, crystallizers, reactors, generators, turbines and transformers for industrial projects in the downstream sector. Or of smelting furnaces, cutting & slitting lines, presses & dryers, mills & crushers or hydraulic cylinders for projects in other industrial sectors.

After reading this whitepaper you will know:

  • What challenges might occur when building even bigger machines at your premises.
  • How relocating the final assembly towards a waterbound location can help you solve these challenges

Would you like to know more? Download the paper on the right.


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