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How to ensure the latest safety standards in warehousing with CO2 extinguishing systems?

Jan de Bruin, senior advisor Special Hazards at Ansul Solution BV, presented at the opening of the Broekman Logistics Maasvlakte warehouse his insights in ensuring safe storage of hazardous goods, by means of CO2 fire extinguishing installations.

Application of the latest safety standards

At the Maasvlakte, Broekman Logistics operates a state-of-the-art Warehouse with the most modern fire extinguishing installations. By employing CO2 stored under pressure at ambient temperature as a fire extinguishing agent, the large volumes of hazardous goods are stored under the most economic, safest and most reliable conditions.

CO2 as the most efficient fire extinguishing agent

Especially for those applications where a clean fire extinguishing substance is needed, though where at the same time a large volume needs to be protected, a LPCO2 system is the preferred option. LPCO2, abbreviated for Low Pressure Carbon dioxide,  uses a CO2 stored under low pressure as an agent to extinguish fire. This system offers significant advantages compared to water or foam as an agent, amongst others: a significantly lower downtime, most flexible storage options and minimized refill costs. In sum, it is the most environmentally friendly and economic option.

COextinguishing installation in test at Broekman Logistics Maasvlakte

Want to know more? Download the ful presentiation of Jan de Bruin, as shared during the official opening of the Maasvlakte warehouse on March 22nd, or watch the video of the system in use here: 

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