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What is the added value of the freight forwarder?

Large, heavy, bulky... All terms that rightfully relate to special cargo. But special cargo for example also comprises organs for transplantation, documents that need to be delivered on time every day and camera units for live TV that quickly need to be transported from city to city. “In essence, all products are special. They are the customer’s raison d’être, his heart and soul,” says Albert Hoek, Managing Director at Broekman Logistics for Forwarding and Shipping. “As a freight forwarder, you therefore need to approach each project with ‘special’ attention.”

“Observe, think, act,” summarises Hoek the essence of the freight forwarder’s activities. “The first step is always to relate to your customer’s needs. To listen to him, ask the right questions and next present the most optimal solution.” Know-how, experience and a substantial global network are crucial to this. “A freight forwarder must be aware of all the
available options and know how to optimally arrange them. No matter what this takes. Our people are trained in out-of the-box thinking and in fully understanding the needs of the customer.”

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