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Why greenhouse horticulture holds the key to a safe and sustainable food revolution in India

A Horticultural Sector in Its Infancy but with Enormous Potential

Unlocking the Potential of India's Horticultural Sector and its Path to Growth India, with its vast population and burgeoning middle class, presents unparalleled opportunities for the development of its greenhouse horticulture sector. By harnessing Dutch knowledge and technology, this sector holds immense potential to enhance production efficiency, reduce food waste, and optimize logistic processes.

In just a few weeks we will publish a whitepaper on the developments of greenhouse horticulture in India. It delves into the current state, addresses the challenges it faces, and proposes sustainable solutions for its growth. Moreover, it explores the opportunities for Dutch logistics companies well-versed in Indian culture to support the agricultural and horticultural transition in the country. To illustrate practical implementation, we present a case study showcasing the exceptional logistics services offered by Broekman Logistics, a loyal participant of the NLHortiRoad2India program and recent member of the World Horti Center—an international collaboration between education, research, entrepreneurs, and government.

Collaboration Dutch Greenhouse Delta
Special thanks to Dutch Greenhouse Delta for their cooperation in developing this white paper and providing the photography. Dutch Greenhouse Delta aims to promote the Dutch horticultural sector worldwide. They are the one-stop shop for complex, large-scale projects in the field of food and floriculture in growing megacities. In cooperation with Dutch state-of-the-art partners in horticulture, they bring an integrated Fork2Farm solution that provides a complete ecosystem consisting of science, business, education and government. 

Fill in the download form on the right and receive the whitepaper! Do you want to get in touch and explore the solutions we provide? Please contact our colleague K.G. Prasanna.

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