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No limits for breakbulk in Rotterdam | 150t crystallizer assembled at Broekman Logistics



In this video, you can get more information from Twan Romeijn, the Port of Rotterdam and Joep Hoogsteden, Broekman Logistics about howthe crystallizer is handled, assembled, stored, and transported at the terminal of Broekman Project Services (BPS).

Twan Romeijn (Port of Rotterdam):

Goodmorning, my name is Twan Romeijn.

I work for the Rotterdam Port Authority as Business Manager Breakbulk.

Today I’m at the Broekman Project Services Terminal.

Here, at the Heijplaat Rotterdam I’m meeting with Joep Hoogsteden and today we’ve witnessed something special.

Joep Hoogsteden (Broekman Logistics):

Today is the final stage of the assembly project of the 150 tonnes crystallizer of our client GBT.

This project was assembled in our Heavy Lift Centre and was built out of 12 pieces.

It has been assembled over the past three months.

Twan Romeijn (Port of Rotterdam):

Can you tell us more specifically why the customer has chosen Rotterdam for the assembly?

Joep Hoogsteden (Broekman Logistics):

Broekman Project Logistics is special because of our Heavy Lift Centre where we can store up to 700 metric tonnes.

This location makes it possible for the client to relocate their assembly location right next to the water.

As you can see, the crystallizer is built in one of our sheds and is driven to our quay side to be loaded on the vessel.

Twan Romeijn (Port of Rotterdam):

I saw a heavy lift vessel in front of the quay side, where does this crystallizer end up?

Joep Hoogsteden (Broekman Logistics):

The crystallizer ends up in Jordan to be used at a production facility that makes salt.

Twan Romeijn (Port of Rotterdam):

Today we have witnessed another job well done.

A beautiful piece of equipment found its way to Rotterdam.

If you are a heavy lift specialist and you want to do business in Rotterdam, please contact me and we will make it happen.

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