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Project Cargo


Are you sourcing and delivering project cargo all over the world? Broekman Logistics has the expertise and facilities to support your projects from concept to completion. Located in Rotterdam and Eemshaven, we offer you prime logistics locations in Europe to supervise all parts of the project on your behalf.

No matter how big or non-standard your cargo is, we coordinate safe storage, transhipment and transportation. Broekman serves a wide range of industries, from maritime, oil & gas and power generation to water treatment, construction and mining. Our terminals’ quays give access to a wide range of vessels. Our clients appreciate our willingness to customise services in order to meet their unique requirements.


Project cargo sometimes needs to be repaired, tested, modified or assembled before it is shipped to its final destination. Our in-house expertise and modern facilities offer a wide range of Value Added Logistics and Value Added Services to a wide range of sectors. For specialised or unique tasks, we are willing to invest in extra staff training whenever needed. Once an item is ready, it can stay with us in one of our many storage locations. That means you do not have to tie up capital by investing in additional warehousing and logistics staff. Moreover, we can arrange the transport of your cargo.


The complexity of handling sizable cargo requires collaborative partnerships and constant communication across the supply chain. Close, long-term partnerships with clients and partners are essential to the way Broekman operates. Our services include forwarding, shipping, warehousing, customs clearance and fiscal representation through a global network of specialists. These strong relationships, plus our advanced facilities and integrated communication systems, enable each of our quality services to be tailored to your individual specifications.


Handling project cargo is complicated. Of course you want safety standards met at all times. The project cargo terminals comply with regulations for quality, safety and security.


Our project cargo services include:

  • Advising you on ways to minimise freight costs.
  • Optimising the safe transportation of your cargo.
  • Receiving numerous types of vessels (we have deep-sea quays with a maximum length of 320 metres and a maximum draught of 12.65 metres; our total quay length is 1600 metres).
  • Storage, assembling and modifying your cargo indoor and outdoor.
  • Coordinating and supervising transport via air, land and sea.
  • Arranging customs clearance and ensuring safety & legal regulations are met.

Interested in our Project Cargo services? Do not forget to download our leaflet for more information or get in touch with our Project Cargo expert.