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Steel Logistics


The steel industry is unpredictable because of highly fluctuating customer demands. These demands are affected by the world economy. Moreover, commodity prices, manufacturing costs and customers’ needs flowing from industries as automotive, construction, and heavy machinery all influence the total demand for steel. Meanwhile, the industry is more sustainable and keen on improving carbon footprints. Taking all trends into consideration, it explains why logistics partners must ensure a smooth and well-coordinated supply chain. By arranging an efficient process and ensuring the highest quality of your goods, we add value to your supply chain.


Our steel terminal is situated in a favorable location in the Port of Rotterdam. With our Multimodal Hub, that is connected to the sea, inland waterways, rail and road the whole of Europe is within reach. At Broekman we have well trained employees that have the right know-how have access to special equipment. Add to this our full service logistics solutions and expedition services  and you will learn why Broekman is the most suitable partner to expand your position in the European market. We provide you with a fixed point of contact for all your logistical solutions.  

  • Tailor-made IT solutions
  • Warehousing solutions, specially focusing on the efficiency of your logistical stream
  • Specialised equipment to handle all types of steel
  • Private terminal ideally situated in the port of Rotterdam
  • Service levels meeting the highest demands
  • All Weather Terminal that can handle two ships simultaneously up to 9.500 DWT in all weather conditions
  • A dedicated team of own dockers, terminal staff and office staff that provides outstanding and consistent quality (ISO-9001-2008, ISO-14001-2004), and a dedicated customer service desk for each account, who are keeping service levels to the highest standards
  • Four overhead cranes, each suitable for lifting up to 42.5 tons of rollers, sheet metal and sheet steel
  • A deep-sea quay for ships up to 50.000 DWT and 12.65 m deep
  • Spacious storage facilities with 245.000 m² of storage space, 42.000 m² of covered storage and 13.500 m²  of conditioned storage
  • Warehousing solutions with advanced IT solutions, optimised for smoothening your supply chain


Broekman provides all year round transshipment of ferrous- and non-ferrous metals under all weather conditions. Our All Weather Terminal provides a covered quay that is in direct contact to a warehouse in which we regulate the humidity and temperature up to standard. This is how we protect your damp and  weather sensitive goods against air and temperature influences. Broekmans’ high quality equipment leads to high quality productivity. Thanks to our continuous improvement  we can jointly improve your logistics strategy. We are able to deal with steel for short-sea, inbound and outbound. Our container services allow us also to take care of on-site dedicated terminal handling, such as the stuffing and stripping of steel in containers. Our qualified employees and high quality equipment lead to Broekman having the lowest damage rates in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region.


In the steel and metal industry you want be confident that your logistical partner combines craftsmanship with flexibility. As a client you want to have access to up-to-date information at all times. The user friendly ICT-system gives you easy access to all the information you need, with just one simple click on a button. 

The handling of steel and metal requires expertise. You always want to meet the safety standards, and meeting your needs is our top priority. Our steel terminal complies with the regulations for quality service, sustainability, safety and security. More information about certifications is available on the page certifications & audits.


Being based in Rotterdam, we present you with an attractive option for the multimodal import and export of your steels and metals products to and from North-Western Europe. In short, we organise your supply chain from beginning to end, minimising risk and adding value.

From Fabrication to destination, we are able to support you with every step in your supply chain

Would you like more information? Download our infographic about Steel Logistics or contact our Steel Logistics expert.