Broekman Logistics Europoort Open Poort Prize winner 2016

30 November 2016

At a festive gathering at the EIC Mainport Rotterdam(EIC) in Rozenburg, Broekman Logistics Europoort came away with a prize.  The prizes were awarded to port companies who provide company visits for students in secondary and further education during trips to the Port of Rotterdam. Every year, the EIC awards the Open Poort Prize to the companies which, in the eyes of the EIC port guides and employees, stood out for their hospitality, the contents of their company visit and their participation in the EIC port programme. 

Prizes were awarded in various categories. The following companies were this year’s lucky winners:



These companies belong to a group of approx. 60 companies who provide company trips, organized by the EIC Mainport Rotterdam. The port is of major strategic importance for the development of Rotterdam and the Netherlands Company visits are an excellent way to give young people an idea of the various activities, careers and job opportunities in the Port of Rotterdam in practice.
It introduces them to the dynamic character of the Port to which they might, one day, contribute themselves with their knowledge and skills.