Broekman Logistics safeguards your business transaction through TRACE certification

Broekman Logistics safeguards your business transaction through TRACE certification

04 November 2016

Broekman Logistics is TRACE certified. The TRACE certificate safeguards the reliability of our organization when it comes to anti-bribery by a third party. Also Broekman Project Services (part of Broekman Logistics), specialized in Offshore and Heavy Lift, successfully completed the certification process and obtained the highest standard when it comes to due diligence. Due to the high commitment to transparency and integrity, Broekman Logistics complied to the international due diligence standards. Broekman Logistics strives for the highest level of services regarding quality, environmental awareness, security and customs. Various business units are also certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AEO (Authorised Economic Operator).

‘Obtaining the TRACE certificate reflects the commitment of Broekman Logistics to create transparency when it comes to international business transactions; a responsibility for us as a logistics provider for our partners’ according to Raymond Riemen, CEO Broekman Logistics.

The certificate allows us to have our own verified due diligence report for Broekman Logistics. At the same time Broekman Logistics is included in TRACE’s online Intermediary Directory of TRACE which improves the accessibility and findability of our organization. Through training and education of our personnel, Broekman Logistics raises awareness of the risks and possible pitfalls. Anti-bribery compliance is a top priority for our business partners and we must be able to provide them with the assurance that it is for Broekman Logistics as well. Our TRACE certificate can be requested at any time. 


TRACE international is a non-profit business organization that pools resources to provide members with anti-bribery compliance support. TRACE members include hundreds of multinational corporations, as well as thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the world, working to increase transparency in international business transactions.


Anti-bribery laws can be complicated and their application difficult to predict. Due diligence is a part of a larger compliance program and provides no guarantees. Companies must be vigilant to ensure that their employees and third parties do not offer, promise or pay anything of value in order to obtain a business advantage. The TRACE certificate safeguards your transaction with Broekman Logistics and offers you and your organization a guarantee.