Transshipment of a C2-splitter

Transshipment of a C2-splitter

16 August 2016

An C2-splitter was transshipped on our Broekman Logistics Breakbulk Terminal (Broekman Project Services). The C2-splitter, which weighs 320 tons and has a measurement of 59m (length) x  5,72m(width) x  5,20m( height), was lifted upon the Big Lift vessel alongside the C2-skirt and Reflux Drum. The Wagenborg cargo, C2-splitter as shown on the photograph hanging between both cranes, was lifted from a ponton upon the Big Lift vessel and was ready for transport that afternoon. 


Attractive vessel fleet

Big Lift Shipping is a member of the Spliethoff Group and is one of the world’s leading heavy lift ship management companies, with a history dating back to 1973. Big Lift strives for innovation, excellence and operational reliability, and is represented by a modern fleet of 15 specialized heavy lift vessels. The vessel as depicted in the photograph is the ‘ Traveller’ and is one of the four TRA-type vessels Big Lift Shipping has available. With their shallow drafts and the smaller main dimensions, these vessels are able to enter ports and complete projects in the most remote places. The two 275 mt. cranes offer an impressive lifting capacity which makes the vessels very suited for the smaller heavy lift and project cargoes.

Broekman Logistics as your heavy lift partner

Broekman offers a state of the art terminal that facilitates the handling, assembly, storage, and other value added activities for your complex and overweight cargo. The operational terminal activities related to handling cargo like generators, turbines and oil rig parts are probably the most challenging and complex task in logistics. That is because offshore and heavy lift items do not come in standard sizes. Broekman logistics provides a flexible service when it comes to fulfilling these specialized needs.