Emergency Logistics

Emergency Logistics

Emergency response: shipments around the world

It can happen at any moment: a crucial component of an offshore drilling rig or oil refinery breaks down and that particular component is not at hand. In that case, contact Broekman. We know that every minute of downtime costs a substantial amount of money, which is why we pull out all the stops to ship the required component to you as quickly as possible: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every day that a drilling rig is out of action – whether because of a breakdown or for preventive maintenance – it can cost a significant amount of money. And that is not to mention the lost revenue as a result of stagnated production. The same applies to technical emergencies or preventive maintenance at an oil refinery, a power station or a wind power plant: every second counts. Even after the cause of the problem is identified, the solution – i.e. the necessary component – can literally be a long way off.

Emergency supplies by air, water and/or road

All one needs to do is call Broekman. We employ a team of very experienced, creative and quick-thinking logistics specialists who enjoy a challenge. They are on hand to help day and night with prompt service to carry out the fastest and most effective transport solution, whether by air, by sea, by road or multimodal transport. The size and weight of the shipment does not matter. We possess several decades of experience of handling and transporting components, varying from small to large and from light to heavy.

A problem-solving approach

A technical emergency usually requires more than a standard scheduled flight or ocean crossing to transport your component to the right location. Broekman has an extensive network of its own offices and specialist agents worldwide. With their problem-solving approach, our quick-thinking logistics specialists always find a suitable solution.

Emergency Logistics Services means


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