recycling logistics

Destroying becomes creating

What do you do in the unfortunate event that cargo is not allowed into the country but also cannot be returned to the owner? The costs mount with each day that the container spends at the terminal. Furthermore, the equipment cannot be used in the supply chain.

Broekman Logistics and Van Scherpenzeel together offer you a valuable solution. Instead of a costly one-way trip to the incinerator, we provide confidential destruction whilst recovering as much raw materials as possible. And of course, we will also arrange all the logistics. Your ‘problem’ is expertly solved: fast, optimally sustainable and at considerably lower costs!

The collaboration between Broekman Logistics and Van Scherpenzeel guarantees you a fully closed chain. Goods will not reach the market through a back door.

How it works

From waste to raw materials

Each product has value. For example:                                                 

after processing

Partnership of logistics and sustainability

The collaboration between Broekman Logistics and Van Scherpenzeel brings together the best both companies have to offer in logistics and sustainability. A complete unburdening, with a smaller ecological footprint, at lower costs. Our service rendering comprises:


Interested? Download our leaflet on recycling logistics here.