Flexible forward stocking locations

Need a logistics expert to stock spare parts close to your customers in Europe? Want to spend less time on sourcing materials and inspecting final assemblies and more time on selling products? Wish to reduce your total cost of ownership? The European Distributions Centres (EDCs) of Broekman Logistics offer effective supply chain models that can be customised for your products, service levels and markets.

As a production company you are interested in lowering your logistic costs per unit and increasing your flexibility. Why not draw on our experience for your logistics performance? Benefit from the strategic advantage of one party managing your inventory, and eliminate risks associated with spare parts delivery. And when parts need modification, our staff will assemble, pick and pack or label the parts for you.

Logistics expert at your side

Finding a logistics expert that has the ability to integrate seamlessly with your manufacturing schedules and logistics operations is key in your business. This allows you to adapt to sudden changes in market demands. The close coordination between our systems and your processes ensure that the correct parts are delivered on time to assembly lines.

Just in sequence supply strategies

Do you want to excel in just in time delivery and reduce transport costs simultaneously? By storing parts of your customers’ product nearby, you can rely on product postponement or just in sequence strategies. This means you can customise products to your customers’ needs last-minute with minimal effort. You can even delay the assembly of your products until you are sure of the actual demand. This postponement strategy entails you hold semi-finished products in stock until your customer places an order.

Customising your products after sales order

In your field tailor-made solutions define your success. Our skilled staff efficiently organises your logistics close to your customers. You can even have your own employees on site if you want. Once the final item is assembled, it is despatched to your customer quickly.

Warehouse distribution centres in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Born

The Dutch EDCs in Rotterdam, Amsterdam (Schiphol) and in Born (close to the German border) give you direct and easy access to Europe by sea, road and inland waterways. Our forward stocking locations are also close to Schiphol airport, one of the world’s main hubs for air transport. With satellite hubs in Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic we extend your distribution reach into the Baltic region and the Russian Federation.

Parts Logistics Services

Our services include:

Interested in our services? Download our leaflet about parts logistics.