construction equipment

construction equipment

Complicated projects become calculable

Trends in your industry

The worldwide construction industry is a growing sector again. The fact remains that construction companies need to organise their stock acquisition efficiently and effectively. This is why construction companies have high expectations from their suppliers. A strong growth in various submarkets is expected when it comes to construction vehicles for mining and infrastructure. Above average growth is expected in the emerging economies Asia and Africa.

For the industry, it is a challenge to take the strict emission regulations and uncertain economic conditions in various other parts of the world in consideration. An additional challenge is the rising raw material price of steel. The growth in demand for construction equipment, the pressure on margins and the purchasing power of larger construction companies all underline the need for efficient and effective global logistics solutions. Smart policy regarding final assembly and spare parts logistics plays an important role as well.


Your need

If there is a demand for your construction equipment on the other side of the world, then you want your valuable products shipped as efficiently as possible. With an experienced logistics partner on your side, complicated projects become calculable. Know-how and experience are used in exactly the right place, optimising the overall process of transporting your special cargo with special care. A highly coordinated approach saves you time and money.

Our guarantee

Broekman Logistics is a reliable shipping agent with over 55 years of experience. With expertise in forwarding and shipping, we represent international partners and carriers and serve destinations worldwide. We specialise in transportation of construction equipment, always guaranteeing you a safe transportation and careful handling of your valuable equipment against competitive rates. No need to hire different contractors for different parts of the project. Not only are we a reliable logistics partner and shipping agent, we organise assembly, modifications, overhaul, packing & crating and customs clearance as well.

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